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Oveja Bath & Body

Vanilla Lip Balm with Triple Lanolin

Vanilla Lip Balm with Triple Lanolin

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Vanilla: This flavor is based on the real flavor of vanilla beans and has a deep, rich aroma that recreates an authentic natural flavor.

About OVEJA Lip Balm: Our Oveja Bath & Body Triple Lanolin Lip Balm is all you need for perfect, luscious lips: it moisturizes, conditions, and soothes while providing long term relief from chapped lips and other dry skin conditions. Made with an all-natural formula, it melts on contact to hydrate, repair, and protect your lips from the drying effects of wind, cold air, and central heating. Use daily for soft, supple lips.

Ingredients: Lanolin Alcohol, Lanolin, Lanolin Oil, Flavor

Net Weight: 0.15 oz


Lanolin Alcohol: Made by a hydrolysis of lanolin wih sodium and a reducing alcohol. It is an emollient with a soft and smooth feel. Great moisturizer.

Lanolin: True lanolin, purified. A wax-like substance derived from sheep's wool. A moisturizer and emollient, providing hydration and helping to soften and protect the skin. Lanolin also has soothing properties that can help relieve dryness and irritation.

Lanolin Oil: Purified and refined form of lanolin that is an emollient and has moisturizing properties. Helps to soothe and hydrate the skin, providing a protective barrier that locks in moisture and promotes softness and suppleness.

Flavor: Provides a pleasant experience when using the lip balm.

Product Specs

Dimensions: 0.5" diameter x 2" tall

Weight: 0.15 oz (4.2 g)

Care information

Keep your lip balm out of extreme temperatures and ensure it does not get wet.

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